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Carlos Millan: (021) 2522-5586 / 9966-7010 / 7893- 7211 Nextel ID: 32*3809

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Emoção garantida. Venha voar conosco!Come and try your paraglider or hang-glider with pilots licensed by the Brazilian Paragliding and hang-gliding Association, with safety and professionalism.

Our strenghts are paraglider or hang-glider tandem flights. Those last from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, and take place at Pepino Beach, in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro.

Check our tandem flight photo gallery, and a video of a tandem flight at the Gávea Mountain can be seen here. We have the best bang for the buck, a 20-years experience, our services are recommended by several travel agents. Our honesty reputation and professional ethics are results of long years of good services. We have english-speaking pilots and other adventure services, such as hiking and tree-top walking and our recently released jeep tour. You may still buy a complete adventure pack, with all those activities, and we are able to make a customized DVD as a final souvenir. Try our services and get to know our company here.


What are the tandem flight procedures like?

To perform a tandem flight, both by hang-glider and paraglider, no previous experience is required. You take a short training: right before the flight you will practice the take-off run, and you will be told about flight and landing (either at the grass field or the beach sand) procedures. Everything in a practical and easy-to-understand manner.


For hang-gliders there will be an initial briefing, and you will practice your take-off several times, which is fundamental fora a good and safe take-off. For the paraglider, all we'll have to do is walk pulling the glider until we have it over our heads, inflated, rigid and at flight position. At this very moment, it will become a wing and take us off the ground, and we'll be flying ! What a wonderful moment...such transition from ground to air. We intend to remain in the air as long as possible, and to be sure of what kind of flight you wish: we may fly calmly ans smoothly, or we may experience some curves and maneuvers that will take your breath away and make your heart beat faster.

The Flight

In Rio de Janeiro we'll fly over the world's largest urban rainforest, Tijuca Forest. If we get lucky and the waether conditions allow us to, we may fly over Gávea Mountain, Bonita Mountain and even the ramp we took off from. We'll share the sky with other solo or tandem flyers. We guarantee that no one remains indifferent to the feeling of flying. The tandem flight is one of the most sought activities for those seeking great thrill. A mix of adrenaline, peace and a great deal of freedom are the feelings people get into.

Weight and age

Since August, CSCVL (São Conrado Free Flight Club) determined that no child under 16 years old will be allowed to fly. Under 18 years old, special written permission from the parents or responsible person is required. From 18 on, there are no restrictions. Concerning weight, depending on the wind conditions, there may be some restricitons for passengers over 110 kg (app. 240 lbs). Besides all that, one must keep on checking flight conditions along the day – such conditions change quite quickly in summer, with wind direction and intensity varying along the day.

What to wear

Nothing extraordinary. Sneakers, boots or even a closed sandal that we have to lend you. On colder or even chilly days, a long sleeve sweater may make you more comfortable.

So, what are you waiting for? Burn into your mind the best memories of your life, come fly with us!

Over 23 years of experience

Guia 4 Ventos / Fly with Me, has been operating in Rio de Janeiro with paraglider and hang-glider tandem flights since 1994, the very beginning of the sport in Brazil. Our reputation is build on the hard work of thousands of tandem flights, a great deal of dedication and a well-trained, several-language-speaking team.

We always work with new, state-of-the-art and ABVL/FAI approved equipment.

Choosing your pilot is critical and very important. Think carefully, it may be the difference between a flight and a jump, between safety and a Russian roulette.



Groups: Progressive discounts from 4 people on

* Prices can be changed is high season like carnival and new year


with special condictions, must to be paid with 18 days before

Would you trust your life to just anyone?

We have 20-year-experience tandem flight pilots. Adventures may be crazy, but the adventurer must not. Schedule your flight here!


Good luck, and make the best choice:

Carlos Millan: (021) 2522-5586 / 9966-7010 / 7893- 7211 /  Nextel ID: 32*3809/ 98282 1998

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